Embrex® VMD VMI

The Embrex® VMD VMI BioDevice, launched in 2012, is based on the same technology that has made the Inovoject® System the leading name in egg-based vaccine production worldwide – but in a smaller, more mobile configuration. Easy operation, cleaning, transportation and storage make this an ideal solution for short-run production and research facilities. Aimed at vaccine manufacturers that require an alternative to high-volume production, the device can be operated by one person.

Both the Embrex VMD VAI and VMD VMI BioDevices offer the same industry-leading quality, features, functionality and reliability that customers have come to expect from Embrex BioDevices, which has been at the forefront of in ovo technology for more than two decades.

Click below to watch an animation of the Embrex® VMD BioDevice inoculation process.

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