Inovoject® Vaccine Saver®

The cost of wasted vaccine can threaten an operation’s profitability, much like the diseases it’s designed to help prevent. That’s why it’s essential to save more vaccine – and money – with the patented, pulsed-light technology of the Inovoject® System with Vaccine Saver® option, an Embrex® BioDevice from Zoetis. When combined with Inovoject technology, the Inovoject Vaccine Saver System further enhances efficiency and productivity of the in ovo vaccination process.

Using patented candling technology, the Inovoject Vaccine Saver System segregates live eggs from infertile and early dead eggs, ensuring that only viable eggs are vaccinated. The result: it cuts in ovo vaccine doses by an average of 10%,1 which helps contain costs and promote value.

See video below to learn more about the Inovoject Vaccine Saver:

1 Zakaria AH, Plumstead PW, Romero-Sanchez H, Leksrisompong N, Osborne J, Brake J. Oviposition pattern, egg weight, fertility, and hatchability of young and old broiler breeders. Poult Sci 2005 Sep;84(9):1505-9.

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