The Inovoject® System, an Embrex® BioDevice from Zoetis, provides the highest level of accuracy to help ensure your chicks are protected from disease challenges.*,1,2


The Inovoject System does more than just deliver vaccine accurately and effectively. It can also help make your entire operation more efficient.

    • Optimum sanitation – A well-synchronized disinfection system in conjunction with a dual needle which separates the shell surface contaminants from the injection needle allows for optimum sanitation after each injection.
    • Lower potential for human error – Automated process not only reduces the margin for human error, it can also lead to labor savings and more accurate results.
    • Reduced bird stress – Minimize the need for subcutaneous vaccinations at chick processing, allowing birds to be transported to the farm faster and into the ideal grow-out environment.

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*With the right embryo development stage and recommended transfer time, the Inovoject System has demonstrated up to 100% accuracy for correct site of injection.1

1 Avakian AP, Wakenell PS, Bryan T, Schaeffer JL, Williams CJ, Whitfill C. In ovo administration of Marek’s disease vaccine: Importance of vaccine deposition site in the fertile egg, in Proceedings. 51st Western Poultry Disease Conference 2002;119-121.

2 Barbosa T, Williams C, Villalobos T. Efficacy and Marek’s disease protection comparison between different vaccination methods, in Proceedings. 18th Congress World Veterinary Poultry Association 2013;217.

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