Inovoject® M

The latest addition to the Embrex® range of devices, the Inovoject® M BioDevice, is designed to meet the needs of smaller hatcheries that do not process enough eggs, or do not have a sufficient footprint, to warrant the use of a full-size Inovoject System. The new device is more compact and mobile, yet still incorporates the core technology which has made the Inovoject System so successful.

The Inovoject M BioDevice is a semi-automatic device which allows trays to be both introduced and removed by an operator. An added transfer head or table, depending on configuration, can be provided at an additional cost. A working capacity of 12,000 to 20,000 eggs per hour provides smaller hatcheries with an opportunity to reap the benefits of in ovo vaccination and thus enhance efficiency and flock health early in the production process.

Inovoject® System and Inovoject M BioDevice Comparison Table

Inovoject Inovoject M
Operation Automated Semiautomated
Technology Same as current Inovoject
Throughput / hour 35K to 60K
(depending on configuration)
12K to 20K
(depending on configuration)
Available with:    
Egg Remover BioDevice Yes No
Inovoject Vaccine Saver® technology
Yes No
Transfer table Yes Optional
Data storage Yes No
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