Biodevices have changed the way we look at operational accuracy. The Inovoject® System, an Embrex® BioDevice from Zoetis, is the industry leader in automated vaccine delivery and sets the standard for reliable delivery of vaccine to the egg, optimizing vaccine effectiveness, improving operational efficiencies and providing unmatched technical service and support. Count on Embrex technology for a wide range of automated solutions to help you succeed – everything from accurate, in ovo vaccine delivery to the efficient removal of nonviable eggs, and more.


It takes experience to master a skill. And with over 20 years of commercial success, The Inovoject System has mastered the science of in ovo vaccine delivery. To help ensure reliable, safe and efficacious vaccine delivery to every embryo, five key success factors were developed for in ovo vaccination using the Inovoject System, and the new Inovoject M BioDevice:

  • Adaptability for individual eggs
  • Consistent shell penetration
  • Accurate site of injection
  • Gentle vaccine delivery
  • Effective needle sanitation.

The result: reliable vaccine delivery that is both efficacious and efficient.


When it comes to selecting the most reliable in ovo vaccination system for your hatchery, the right choice is the Inovoject System. It delivers on its promise of gentle, safe and consistent vaccination to the correct site of injection time after time.

Key Success Factors The Inovoject Advantage How You Benefit
Adaptable injection for individual eggs Floating tool design Every egg size is different. Inovoject’s floating tool offers precise egg location via injectors that move both vertically and horizontally to adjust for different egg height or angle.
Consistent shell penetration Egg support and dual-needle system with shell punch The Inovoject System provides consistent shell penetration, reducing the risk of exposure to outside shell contaminants while preventing the eggs from cracking.
Accurate site of injection Secure vaccine needle trajectory and depth There’s no substitute for precision and accuracy. The Inovoject System is more likely to deliver vaccine into the correct embryonated egg compartment compared to competitive single-needle in ovo injection systems.1
Gentle vaccine delivery Synchronized pumping system Inovoject pumping systems helps ensure safe and effective delivery of a specified amount of vaccine while maintaining vaccine integrity from the bag to the needle.
Effective needle sanitation Independent system runs parallel to the vaccine conduit until it meets and sanitizes at the dual needle Get the confidence you need that needles are efficiently and thoroughly sanitized after every injection.

1 Barbosa T, Williams C, Villalobos T. Efficacy and Marek’s disease protection comparison between different vaccination methods, in Proceedings. 18th Congress World Veterinary Poultry Association 2013;217.

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