Better Bird Health Starts Here

Embrex® BioDevices from Zoetis developed and launched the world’s first commercial in ovo vaccination device more than 20 years ago. Since then, the superior design and quality have made the Inovoject® System the industry standard for in ovo technology.

The development of complementary devices, such as the Inovoject System with Vaccine Saver® option, Egg Remover System and Chick Counter BioDevice, all Embrex BioDevices from Zoetis, further improves hatchery efficiency. The launch of the Inovoject M BioDevice, a smaller in ovo device, brought the technology within reach of hatcheries with less throughput.

The quality and reliability of Embrex BioDevices allow pharmaceutical companies to use them in the production of human influenza vaccine and many animal health vaccines, which requires the very best standards of hygiene and efficiency.

Today, there are more Embrex BioDevices in more countries than any other in ovo product. All are backed by unrivaled technical and service support – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – to ensure trouble-free operation and minimal downtime.

See Embrex Service from Zoetis video below:

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